Our new tutoring program enables members to form connections with and help their peers. Through unifying one's heart and mind, this initiative allows all members to become better and more understanding people. After all, one is enlightened only through enlightening others. This program teaches its members -- both tutors and students -- patience, respect, and gratitude, all the while training them to lead the path to a bright future. Our tutoring program hopes to provide an opportunity for tutors to gain valuable life skills through teaching and for students to learn vital lessons that they need to succeed, be it math, science, language arts, history, world language, or the creative arts. We hope that we will be able to make a difference in the lives of all!

"By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand"

- Latin Proverb

"To teach is to touch a life forever"

- William Arthur Ward, famous writer


First impressions are extremely important, and that's why we've decided to create a gardening initiative! We plan to take care of the plants on the temple property and arrange them in a way that gives the temple the beautiful appearance it more than deserves! In this amusing and exciting initiative, we will loosen the soil and then plant lilies in an arranged pattern for all of the plots of soil in the parking lot! Afterwards, we will move on to other plants and locations around the temple to make it more lively and vibrant to create a serene atmosphere bubbling and budding with natural beauty! Please join us on this adventure by registering for our program! All ages can participate!

Coin Boxes

BCYG hopes to accomplish the important goal of fundraising for the temple, and this initiative helps with just that! Each family is encouraged to take a coin box from the temple (or have it delivered to their house) and fill it with whatever spare change they can find lying around! We appreciate any amount of money donated to the temple; after all, even small amounts will eventually pile up into large and usable amounts of change! It's also a great way for others to contribute money to the temple in an simple yet effective way - especially during these difficult and unprecedented times! And on the first date of each month, families will be required to turn their coin boxes in. On top of that, each month, the family that returns the coin box with the greatest value of change will receive a certificate and honorable mention on our website! It's a win-win!

Virtual Thanksgiving

BCYG is extremely thankful for having the opportunity to help others in need and serve our community. In this initiative we raise awareness of our group through a list of fun activities for anyone to complete! Those who complete the list get their name mentioned on our website too! We will also send a link with the presentation of everyone's pictures/videos after the event :))

List of activities:

1. Send pictures/videos of your family, thanksgiving food, traditions, arts and crafts, and what you are thankful for

2. Create, read aloud, and send a picture of a thanksgiving-related poem or haiku

3. Do the thanksgiving scavenger hunt (do as many as you can)! Take a picture of all that you've found and send it to our email (below) to receive credit :)

Scavenger Hunt:

--> Find a red, yellow, or orange leaf

--> Acorn

--> Pinecone

--> Pumpkin

--> Apple

--> Rock

--> Feather

--> Find a kitchen tool that can be used to cut a slice of butter

--> Find an object that helps you with your work

--> Find an ordinary object that one should be extremely grateful for having

--> Find an object that you loved in your childhood

BCYG Email: bergencountyyouthgroup@gmail.com

Registration Form Link: https://forms.gle/4SJzUZJ1TbDjKXH7A

------Donation Information (PayPal)------

Go to hindusamajmandir.org and click on the "Donate" button (in the "Donate" section)

**Please make sure all pictures/videos are sent to our email by Saturday, Dec 5!**

Virtual Republic Day of India

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