At Bergen County Youth Group, we plan to perform a variety of activities to accomplish our objectives. Here is a sample of the activities we plan to accomplish:



We all have that philanthropic sense within us, and our group intends to set it free! Through aiding and managing large services and celebrations within and out of our temple, we hope to supply our members with more than enough experience and opportunities to become a better person. Whether it be serving food, mentoring the young, welcoming and speaking to hundreds of different people, or modernizing elderly people, we know that you - yes, you - can make a huge difference. Many don't realize that it is indeed the youth that can become some of society's biggest and most helpful benefactors!



Here, we plan to connect the youth together in a more spiritual sense. We will invite speakers to come and join us, and share their wonderful and not-so-wonderful life and professional experiences. We will also hold "talking sessions" among the youth, allowing a safety net to be created - giving the youth something to fall back on. Here, any issue or personal struggle and solution may be discussed, leaving people light-hearted and educated, and feeling less lonely and more relatable. Strong friendships are inevitable as well.



We want to give the youth, teeming with potential, a voice in the matters of the world. Through fundraising, we can interact with a multitude of people and a variety of personalities, as all learn about ways to raise money. For example, we will use bake sales, coin box competitions, and the revival of donation programs to facilitate and fuel the growth of our group.


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